Fashion And Action In Purchasing Not Always Great!

personal development Apr 03, 2020

The speed of how the fashion industry is forever changing does not bode well for many, especially the consumers. Why is this so, unless you are definite about what you’re purchasing, it can be quite confusing. When those of us who are in the business and love the fashion business as we do, we wonder what’s next. What must it be like for the novice? It is like being on a treadmill. What that makes happens is that far too many have clothes packed and yet never the right outfit to wear. It is also the reason for so many fashion designers saying goodbye to it all and the demise of high -couture.

Fashion has to be fun, yet it must be tuned in to the people who are the buyers for the new as it arrives each season. The strain on designers is never-ending most are creating from four to eight shows a year. That’s a lot and can be quite confusing and perplexing for you, the consumer. If ever there was a time for developing your signature style and stamping that look to you,...

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