How you speak, behave
and move all reveal your confidence.


Communicate your style and brand by your fashion. Dress in clothes that highlight your beauty.


Bring out your WOW factor. Attract the perfect clients and customers by how you glow in your own skin.


How you speak, behave
and move all reveal your confidence.


Communicate your style and brand by your fashion. Dress in clothes that highlight your beauty.


Bring out your WOW factor. Attract the perfect clients and customers by how you glow in your own skin.

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Hello Beautiful,
I am Joy Ruffen, and it is my pleasure to help you ease into your second act with confidence, style, and presence.
I had a beautiful, successful first act. It started when I was a young student in home economics, I caught the eye of my teacher, she said I had an intuitive knowledge of harmony and balance. This kind of compliment was a first, I remember how good she made me feel and this boost sprang me into my future with confidence. 

I went on to win best dressed in the School of Design in Cleveland. Then during my 1st act as a career woman, I produced runway shows from start to finish for high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy's.

Not to mention having the pleasure of having a friendship with and being mentored by one of the greatest women that ever lived, Maya Angelou.

Now in my second act, I am here to help women fulfill their dreams and step into their stage light.

My second act is all about you. I am here to help you own your confidence, lead with style, and create a magnetic presence.

Perhaps you have completed your first act and are ready for your second. If so, I'm here to cultivate that path with you.

For your first steps to a style driven 2nd act, allow me to gift you my award winning E-Style Brochure.


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