Looking for a Guest Speaker at Your Next Women's Group Function?

I am available for ladies inspirational and motivational Professional Public Speaking at your luncheons, meetings, and workshops along Florida's treasure coast. You should know that I love to travel. I bring to the table speeches geared to your specific audience using relevant examples and plenty of stories to educate and entertain your group. You might even say I'm an "edutainer!"



Motivational and Inspirational Speaking For Women

My focus is all about the power of transformational life, coaching and developing one's own style and the positive differences it can bring to each woman who desires to fulfill her life with dreams long forgotten or systematically diminished by negative or limiting beliefs. It's a powerful delivery that takes us back to the basics celebrating the behavior of a confident, powerful woman and how she thinks and behaves, but more importantly how nothing blocks her from finding her true passion and purpose. 

My platforms and foundations are geared towards eliminating beliefs that inhibit a healthy progression towards healthy living, and the wellness that leads to wholeness and ultimately self empowerment. Go ahead and treat your audience to the strength that comes with Joy!

My speeches are delivered infused with energy and passion with the intention to persuade and inspire your audience to the greatness that is within their reach.  My delivery is educational as well as entertaining inspiring Passion, Potential, and Purpose! 

How can I inspire your women's group?

Call me at 772-240-9810 or fill out my contact form below to schedule a phone consultation to discuss the specific needs and topics of interest for your group.

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